Trinity Seven Season 2 Anime Release Date

Trinity Seven Season 2 Anime Release Date: Trinity Seven anime was first announced during 2013 winter season and it was later released in 2014. This show was adapted from the light novel with the same name and the English titled is pronounced as Trinity Seven: Seven Magicians.  Even though the show was first released in 2014 it got huge reviews and fan base increased by millions. Every fan that has watched the first season knows that this anime did not end well in terms of conclusions and story as well. There was many left over stories and the main story could be finished in the second season easily.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Anime Release Date

So we were all thinking when this second season would be released and few days back it was announced that this show will release the second season soon. Well I thought it was fake news at once but later it was confirmed that the Trinity Seven season 2 is now confirmed and renewed as well. But there is more to this post other than the good news of this show getting a second season. We are here to talk about what will happen in the Trinity Seven season 2 because the first season story was not completed.

What will Happen in Trinity Seven Season 2 Plot, Story, Characters and More 2018

Though this anime also got OVA in 2015 which dealt with the single volume where the Main character Arata is going to be thrown out of the Magical academy. But in the same OVA special episode the Trinity Seven help Arata to master the magic and he stays in the school to learn more magic. After a period of 2 years the movie which created a lot of buzz was released in 2017 which covered the White Demon Lord volumes. In this movie the White Demon Lord wants to kill the seven members of Trinity Seven and also Arata to regain his lost title. But he fails since Arata has learned new magical skills and with the help of newfound friends he beats down the White Demon Lord.

Trinity Seven Season 2 Anime Release Date

But we never came to know what happened after beating this new villain nor could he save his cousin who disappeared during the event. So if the second season is now going to be released then the story will be about how he will save his cousin Hijiri Kasuga who was lost but did not die during the event. At the same time some new villains will come forward to defeat the Trinity Seven not only to regain their titles but to gain grimoire as well.

What is the Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date – How to Watch Trinity Seven Season 2 Episodes Online

Well it is true that Trinity Seven season 2 release date is now announced online but not much information is being spread right now. We will have to wait because the exact release date may change due to the studio busy schedule which we already know about. The studio is in last stage of editing the anime and it will be finished in less than few weeks but we cannot know that this show will be released during May, 2018 only.

Even though some of the news sites online have been spreading the news that Trinity Seven season 2 release date is on may 12, 2018. But I guess the release date is not fixed as per the Studio busy schedule which will surely change the release date at the last moment. But the good part from all is that the second season of Trinity Seven anime is confirmed and it will be released in 2018 itself. So we have to wait for this show to get an exact release date which we can hop onto and then wait for it be released online.

After the show is aired online the episodes will be released for online streaming as well which means we can watch from online. These episodes will be made online through different streaming options which haven’t been disclosed to the public right now. But one of the important streaming partner for all the anime is Crunchyroll which will hold all the episodes and we can stream through it right away.

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Well I hope you guys are having a great time because your favorite anime Trinity Seven release date for second season is confirmed. Well some fans might wonder whether this is true or not but believe me guys the Trinity Seven season 2 release date is spreading online right now. So mark your calendar because the release date is set to be on May 12, 2018 this year.

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