Snapchat Music Filter Black Sunglasses 2017

Snapchat Music Filter: Snapchat has become an easy mean of sharing our memories and pictures with friends easily. If you ask me what’s so better about Snapchat then other social media services, then I guess it’s quite friendly. As you all know that Snapchat is now allowing users to add or record songs or music from their own phone or phone app services as well. Before users had to make use of some other phone to record the music at the same time snap pictures or create a video. But this time you don’t have to go through all these trouble because you can simply open a music streaming app like Spotify or iTunes to record any song.

Many times I have found this filter quite useful because I can not only record songs but also audio and at the end we can send it to our friends easily. Though some users might find this filter not so much useful as image filters but at the same time we can use it to have fun which is the whole meaning of this application at the end. I mean to say is you can now share not just videos but also audio through Snapchat which is really great.

Snapchat Music Filter Black Sunglasses 2017

Now coming on the main objective of our article which is to learn and understand how simple it is to add music to Snapchat videos or snaps together. I guess you like some song or even a soundtrack, which would be enough to be added to your Snapchat background music. That being said the simple reason why someone like you and me would want to have background music in Snapchat is just for fun.

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Why To Use Snapchat Music Filter And Add Music To Snapchat Background

Well Snapchat is all about sharing snaps with friends and sharing our daily life events in a chronic manner with snaps or videos. In addition to that we can even use filters of different kinds that make our snaps even more interesting to share and to be loved. So adding music to Snapchat will be even more fun and I guess this reason is enough for someone to add music to Snapchat background.

Snapchat Music Filter Black Sunglasses 2017

Before we get into the guide I advise you to simply add the latest version of Snapchat but most of you already have the latest version, because this feature was released back in 2015. But if you still are using the outdated version, then I recommend you to install the latest version and then continue below guide.

Snapchat Music Filter Guide –How To Add Music To Snapchat Video Or Snaps

Let us wait no longer and directly get on to the topic where I have explained steps to add background music on Snapchat easily. And before that I advise you to select one good music streaming app like iTunes or Spotify to play the song and record it during the guide.

Snapchat Music Filter Black Sunglasses 2017
  • First you have to setup the music, by selecting either Spotify or iTunes to select a song
  • Tap select a song and then add it to your music which can be selected at certain time to be played again
  • After selecting the song, stop it at certain time and then click on stop button
  • Next step is to record the music, so open the Snapchat app and then open the Control Center
  • Then play the song from Control Center and then go to Snapchat, then click on Record button
  • Now you will be able to record your Snaps along with Background music as well!


Snapchat is one of the most famous social networking apps in the market right now and believe me a filter like Music to Snapchat is really great. In this article we have come across the different reasons why someone would prefer to add music to Snapchat in order to use Snapchat music filter. At the end of the article we have explained in detail the steps which will guide to understand how easy it is to add music to Snapchat videos and snaps.

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