Shokugeki No Soma Season 4 Release Date Online Announced!

Shokugeki No Soma Season 4: Are you a fan food wars then you should be really happy because Food Wars season 4 has been announced already. Well we might be a bit late with the news but still we have great news for all the fans of this anime show. It was announced during the airing of season 3 that season 4 will be released soon. At the same time during the end of Food Wars season 3 episode 12 it was also announced that this show will be continued for one more season. Other news is that during the end of season 2 some new spoilers were made and Azami knew about Soma’s father as well. So I guess the fourth season is going to be more fun and filled with great cooking contest between the Central and Academy students.

Food Wars season 4 has been announced and to be frank I am quite thrilled that we have to wait few more months for more drama. But if you have seen the season 3 then you might know that the next season will be awesome as well. So this article will be about the Shokugeki No Soma Season 4 release date and story as well.

The first season was about the introduction of Soma Yukihira who wants to take over their family restaurant business. But his father asks him to join the Totsuki Academy which he does and announced that he will beat all to become the best chef. Well things went well as he made friends and went through various training in the second season as well. The end of season 2 premiered new challenges and the winner can take part in competition to win a seat in the Elite ten.

Shokugeki No Soma Season 4 Release Date 2018 Confirmed!

It is true that Food Wars season 4 has been announced and release date is set which is not far away. In the season 3 Soma tried to fight against the injustice of Central which was tremendous. First thing that went good was that Azami came back to the Academy to throw and dispel low chefs and students. But soon his plans for destroying Polarstar Dorm were in vain when Soma defeated Elite ten 10 as a stance against the Central. Next Soma challenged the Elite ten seat number one in an unofficial battle which at last was declared drawn. But Soma already knew that the difference between their skills is large which does not stop him from reaching the summit in the next season.

In the Food Wars Fourth Plate we will see Promotion exams which will be held during winter season on strange mountains that all students have to travel through train. Well I can tell all that by seeing the poster of season 4 with Soma looking at snowflakes falling from the sky. In this season we will see Soma fight against all elite ten seat holders to beat Central at last.  So we have to wait for the release of season 4 to know what will happen in Shokugeki No Soma Season 4.

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date 2018

Since there are enough Manga volumes left to create fourth and fifth seasons as well. So I think this fourth season will have 24 episodes similar to how first and second seasons have 24 episodes each. But not much information has been released about the episodes list and their respective release date as well. But the main thing is that Food Wars season 4 release date has been confirmed to air in April 2018. Still we have no confirmation about the exact release date for this season and we will update this article soon with more information.

Final Words:

Shokugeki No Soma Season 4 will be awesome to watch with Soma trying to reach the top of summit to prove him worthy to be among the Elite ten of the Academy. Well the Food Wars season 4 air date is set to be in April 2018. Let me ask you own thing that so you think in season 4 Soma will get into the Elite ten. So thanks for reading this article about the Food Wars season 4 and share it with your friends.


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