How to Remove Jailbreak Using Cydia Eraser

How to Remove Jailbreak Using Cydia Eraser: Cydia Eraser was developed by the Cydia Developer Saurik which meant to remove the jailbreak from iOS device. It even restores the current iOS version without getting it updated to latest one. This app will help you to remove Cydia, Cydia Apps, Revert all changes made  doing jailbreak, All data on device and return a fresh new clean device. You can use this app in many seniors when your device iOS is not supporting to jailbreak, or you want to remove the jailbreak, you can to change the Cydia.

My friend jailbroke his iPhone a long time back which he sometimes regret but when I referred this app to him he actually did not believe me that it works. But some time later this app helped him remove some of the old jailbreak and change the tweaks in the way he liked anytime without much efforts. So why not install Cydia Eraser right away on your iPhone device and start removing Jailbreak that you don’t want on your phone.

How to Remove Jailbreak Using Cydia Eraser

This Cydia Eraser for iOS is best one if you want to remove the jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. You can even go back to your previous version of iOS that support the jailbreak. As the newer version may not support and you will be too able to jailbreak iPhone, iPad. So use this Cydia Eraser for iOS in best ways and get benefited with its features. After coming to older version you can go to re-jailbreak your device and also you can try to install new Cydia which support the devices.

Features for Cydia Eraser:

This Cydia Eraser App has many features and to support few things which are listed below.

  • This tool allow you to erase data from device
  • It allow you to remove jailbreak on iOS 7.1 trough iOS 9.3.3 iOS
  • Device must be connected to data while using the Cydia Eraser
  • Make sure your device need to be changed for better performance

Things to Remember before using Cydia Eraser:

Have a list of things that you need to remember before you’re going to have this Cydia Eraser run in your device. Because at times you don’t know what consequence will be shown?

  • The device should be connected to internet with good speed
  • Charging of device must be more than 80%
  • Make a backup of your device using iTunes
  • The process will take 20 minutes max, so don’t be panic
  • Don’t do any stuff while running this Cydia Eraser

How to Un-Jailbreak and Remove Cydia Using Cydia Eraser:

I guess that you got to how this App can be installed in iOS device and now we will know how to remove jailbreak using Cydia Eraser App. Make sure you follow below steps correctly so that the process id done successfully.

How to Remove Jailbreak Using Cydia Eraser
  • Search for the Cydia Eraser from your device Apps menu
  • Launch this App and then let it open fully
  • Tap on the “erase all data, un jailbreak device” option
  • Tap on Erase All button and confirm it

This process will start and will hardly take 5 minutes and at rare contains will be expand to 20 minutes


In this mean while the iOS device will reboot many times and once done you can view the welcome screen to appear. At the end of this process you will have a new device which is free from all jailbreaks. Now restore your device and active the device using the Apple ID and Password. Now your device is free and you can now try to get new Cydia by re-jailbreak or continue with same.

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