How to Setup and Get Kodi on Roku

How to Setup and Get Kodi on Roku: Kodi on Roku is one of the best applications which have got amazing features. It is a media streaming set-up box which allows you to steam easily movies, music, and any TV series which you want. It provides you the best content from the top channels for the viewers. It has got the best feature that you can connect your Roku device to the internet via Wi-Fi or any Data plan which will be very easy to stream and watch your favorite content.  It just needs a good internet connection so that you can experience a better streaming without buffering. The latest Roku supports 4K streaming as well, if your TV is 4K TV then Roku is great at supporting for your TV. Kodi is a multimedia player and it supports at great extent.

How to Setup and Get Kodi on Roku

Roku all around contains more than 200 channels and you will see all these channels on the entire Roku device. Roku is a steaming Media player so that it takes all the contents from the internet connected and shows it on your TV using HDM1 cable. And your TV should be of HDM1 only Roku supports your TV. Roku can be controlled by the remote control which will be provided with your Roku device or android or iOS device as well.


Kodi on Roku is one of the best applications which allow you to stream and watch movies, music and many more on your device.

How to Setup and Get Kodi on Roku
  • There is shortcut button which is available for the top up channels like Hulu and Netflix on the remote
  • you can stream movies, music, and any TV channel by using Roku
  • it supports more than 200plus channels
  • Roku 4 is a 4K steaming device as you can use it on your HD TV.
  • Can stream movies and music in any language
  • This is a very computable application with simple interface
  • Navigation part is so easy that any one use it

How to Use Kodi on Roku by Wi-Fi Setup:

The steps given below will only work the Wi-Fi Setup but not using the Bluetooth or Wired connection. Just go with the following process and get Kodi on Roku enabled.

How to Setup and Get Kodi on Roku
  • Download and install the Kodi in your Android device
  • Launch the device and connected it to Wi-Fi which the Roku TV is connected
  • Now you need to enable the Screen Mirroring in Roku
  • Go to setting and then to System and select the screen mirroring
  • Enable it and then move to Android device
  • The screen mirroring in Android device deepens on Smartphone’s
  • So find out the correct name a launch it in your device
  • Now Kodi on Roku is connected and you can start streaming
  • Run any video or movie using the Kodi and it will appear on Roku

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is same or else this process won’t work


We have successfully setup Kodi on Roku and now you can experience this amazing entertainment stuff on big TV. If you have any doubt in the process of setup the Kodi on Roku then you can freely ask in comment section. Also it will be great to us if you share this article with others.

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