Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error on iOS or Android

Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error on iOS or Android: are you a Snapchat user who usually or regularly post their stories and let their friends notified. It is one of the best ways of connection people by sending them real stories of what is happening in your routine life. Capture your daily routine in short video clips and let your finds get notified about them. As we know that the Snapchat App is one of the popular Applications in social media sits and it has been downloaded by millions of users. As the App is getting popular there are few bugs which came to use on the list.

Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error on iOS or Android

We are today here to discuss about a major yet regular Bug that our Snapchat user face which is Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error. This error made the user stuck and stopped them from using the application. There was noting went wrong but it suddenly stopped and they received the Snapchat Won’t Open Error. You guys don’t need to worry about this error, as we are here to help you out with best option. Just go with below diffenret options of solving this error and get the issues fixed soon.

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How to Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error:

The process of installing the Snapchat is very simple and then solving the Bugs will take to a red mark. But we have few methods that usually were used and have fixed the Snapchat Won’t Open Error.

Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error on iOS or Android

Check Date and Time:

It happens that the Application isn’t taking the device time and then trough the error like Snapchat Won’t Open Error. So will check device date and try to fix this error.

  • Go to Setting and then to General Option
  • Here Select Date & Time, check whether they are correct
  • Correct the Date & Time and then save the setting

Now try to connect to Snapchat this may be fixed at this stage only or else go with below process.

Clean Cache and clean Data:

It may have happen that the Snapchat app has got one unwanted stuff in it and thus it is toping the App to Open.

Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error on iOS or Android
  • Go to Device settings and then to the General Option
  • Or To the Apps Menu to find the Snapchat from List of Apps
  • Open it and you can view the Option as Clean Cache, Clear Data
  • Fist click on Force Stop to stop the Snapchat working in background
  • Now Clean Cake and Clear Data, to remove all data from Snapchat
  • Then go to App from Apps menu and launch it
  • It will open and re-register to start using Snapchat again

This process will work definite but you will be losing all your data and need to retire them again.

Update the Snapchat:

As the Apps in Android Play Store get updated regularly, this might be an update issue. So find below steps to upgrade the Snapchat and fix Snapchat Won’t Open Error.

  • Firstly go to the Play Store and search for Snapchat
  • You can see that Snapchat is installed and its Update is available
  • Click on update and thus App will start updating
  • Now open the Snapchat and it won’t through any error

Thus the new updates of Snapchat have solved or fixed the bugs which was prettying to use it


At last by using this few steps we have fixed Snapchat Won’t Open Error. If the same process continues in future then you can ask us by posting the exact issue in features. Also try to fix the issue by using above given process or else you can connect us using comment section.

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