Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk For Android OS 2017

World Cricket Championship 2 Apk Download: There are many cricket games for Android but I was shocked to know that none of them were even close to good. But then I recently came across World cricket championship 2 games which is an awesome game indeed. So in this post we will be going to review this game and find out how to download World cricket championship 2 games for Android platform.

If you ask me about this game, then I would say World cricket championship 2 is one of the best 3D cricket games for Android indeed. This game offers you more than just awesome gameplay but different camera angel as well while bowling or batting as well. So having different camera view gives you better way of playing and experience the game graphics, shots and fielding in a better manner. In order to control the game you simply have to swipe on the screen in one direction. But if you want to hit a pull shot, then you have to select the pull shot option on to the right hand side of the screen first.

Apart from the graphics you can login with your Gmail account and play with your friends by sending them cricket challenges. Under the Challenge A Friend option you can select which of your friend to send a challenge and score as high as possible. Next is the Practice mode which comes first and you should take this test before getting started with real matches or so. There are lots of different shots and cricketing options that this game offers through its practice test.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk For Android OS 2017

World Cricket Championship 2 Game Details

Finally under the Hot Events section we can find upcoming and trending matches in real life between different countries. So you can take part in these matches as they are based on the real life cricket game fixtures and teams all together which gives this game more essence.  Under the Tournaments section we can find different types of tournaments which range from ODI to T20 or even the Big Bash League from Australia. You have to unlock all these tournaments one by one by sending coins that you earn by challenging friends, defeating other teams in battles.

In order to unlock more coins you can always watch video ads which can give you more than enough coins every day. At the same time the best part about this game is Test Cricket section where we can play test cricket against different cricketing countries. In this tournament we can select the number of days this test cricket would on and as well the overs per day which range from 15, 30, 45 and 90.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 App For Android OS – World Cricket Championship 2 Apk Latest Version Download

Recently a new version of the game has been released on Google Play store, which means we can download world cricket championship 2 latest versions for free. Well I guess you might already know how to install this cricket game, but for convenience I will be sharing the download guide below.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk For Android OS 2017
  • So basically we have to open the Android Smartphone and at the same time go to Google Play store either from web browser or open the Play store app
  • Once you have opened the app, you need to search for the game “World cricket championship 2” and then select the game from results page
  • After selecting the game you need to click on the Install button and the game will download content first
  • Next it will begin to install automatically once the download is finished and installation will be completed finally!


World Cricket Championship 2 game is really a nice cricket game to be frank, because it has great graphics and can be downloaded for free as well. But more importantly this game has 3D graphic along with real life tournaments and matches that makes it more interesting to play. I hope you will find this game really interesting and we hope to receive your feedback about the game as well.

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