Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android From 9Apps

Facebook Lite Apk Download: Facebook has become one of the most famous social networks in the world right now and millions of people use Facebook mobile app every day. So most of the people know about Messenger but Facebook also released another app by the name Facebook Lite. This app was released to make using FB even easier and at the same time use less data. The feature which makes this app better is that it is easy to install and even the app size is small which means less storage or download size. It loads quickly and the most important thing is it uses less data when compared to Messenger indeed. It works fine with even a 2G network which makes it effective at saving mobile data and you can use the same data package for longer time.

In this post I will be sharing how you can learn Facebook Lite login process and also find out how to download this app for Android platform from different networks. At the end of the guide I will be sharing a little advice on how you can download Facebook Lite for PC windows.

Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android

Facebook Lite Login Process – Step to login to Facebook Lite App

Once you have created your Facebook account and installed the Facebook Lite app on your Android device. Then you can follow the below instructions which will show you how to login to your Facebook account on this app easily.

  • Open the Facebook Lite app from apps menu
  • Then on the homepage we can find “Log In With Facebook” option
  • After that you have to enter your phone number and click on continue
  • Next login with your Account details, like ID and Password and click on Login finally
  • Now you have successfully logged in to your Facebook Lite app!

Facebook Lite Download from 9Apps App Store

Well there are different app stores through which we can download this app, but the best one is 9Apps for time being. So let me guide you through the process on how you can download Facebook Lite from 9apps directly.

Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android From 9Apps
  • So first step is to open your browser and then go to 9apps website
  • After that on to the top right we can find a search bar, enter “Facebook Lite” and press on search button
  • Next search results will be shown related to the term Facebook Lite
  • We will have to select the first app from the results page and continue
  • Then on to the next webpage we need to click on “Download” button in red color
  • Once clicked then you have to save the Facebook Lite apk file on your mobile phone
  • Then finally double tap on the Apk file and the Facebook Lite will be installed!

How to Download Facebook Lite App from Google Play Store

We can follow the above method to install the latest version of Facebook Lite, but you can always find a reliable source such as Google play store. You can count this method as an extra if the above method does not work or fails to download Facebook Lite for Android platform.

Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android
  • First you have to open Google play store from your mobile phone
  • Then search for Facebook Lite app using the search bar and click enter
  • Next you need to select the app and then press on Install button to continue
  • After that the Facebook Lite app will be downloaded and will install automatically
  • Finally you have now installed Facebook Lite for Android using Google Play store!

Download Facebook Lite For PC Windows 10/7/8

If you ask me how to download Facebook Lite for PC, then first I would suggest you to use the Facebook official website from your browser. It is so because installing this app again using some Android to PC emulator more of a headache. So it is better to use the Facebook online website via your browser then to install any Android app on your Windows.


You are now ready to install Facebook Lite app on your Android and Windows platform after reading our guide above. This app is really a life saver for those people who use low Internet data package because; Facebook Lite is made to work on such packages without any problem. You can now chat with your friends, send messages, videos, pictures and have fun on Facebook.

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