ChaoS Child season 2 Release Date Confirmed

ChaoS Child season 2 Release Date Confirmed:  ChaoS Child is an Visual novel which release in 2014 by Nitroplus and 5pb. Both this companies have worked together and bought the novel series released.  The ChaoS Child anime series was premier on 11th Jan 2017 wit 12 episodes. It was directed by Masato Jinbo who is also now working on ChaoS Child Season 2.  The same director also wrote the screenplay of ChaoS Child season 1. Yukihiro and Sasaki have designed the conceptual designed for characters and new series.

ChaoS Child season 2 Release Date Confirmed

This storyline of ChaoS Child was based in Shibuya district were after six year of earthquake everyone started to come. In this there were six murders having fund which was supposed to be done by psychopaths. It was seen that on eve of festival the murder occur again which considers with murders done six years ago on same date. So the Thakuru with his friends started to go in deep and let know what has been actually happened.

Plot of ChaoS Child Season 2:

The story was based on Earthquake which has affected the Tokyo area in 2009. It was in November which a strong earthquake made a huge loss of population in Black Crowd known as Sibu. It raised the mass panic in Sib that made 7.8 points. Sibuyskoe an earthquake has passed and then the town started to restore again. This was the main base line of ChaoS Child Anime, which was being written as visual novel.

ChaoS Child season 2 Release Date Confirmed

The earthquake made all to leave their towns was hardly any being was seen. So after 6 years the town was ready and everyone started moving to native lands. Due to this incident much family lost their members and everyone were in psychological and emotions. This painful imprint of earthquake made them stuck in the life. The anime ChaoS Child is based on the Thankur Miyashiro who has become the orphan. He has lost everyone in this family and being a strong boy he was able to join club as young journalists.

It was seen that people became psychopaths and were killing people around them. Boy has faced two such incidents and came forward to solve the issue. They were towards the case and decide to punish the psychopaths who are involved in it. ChaoS Child Season 2 will continue form here and the challenges faced by him. In resolving this complicated case Thankur came across unseen truths.

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Release Date for ChaoS Child Season 2:

Season 1 has taken a good repose to the viewers and it was really a heart touching story. As it was based on visual novel the story took everyone to feel the same as it was expressed. Now the fans are waiting or the ChaoS Child Season 2. The latest updates brings into picture that ChaoS Child Season 2 is going to be released in April 2018. It was confirmed by the studio and official date will be soon released.

Many fans have requested to continue the anime series and they talks have been considered by studio. So now get started to stream the ChaoS Child season 2 soon. You can bookmark our page and get latest updates on ChaoS Child Anime series.

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