Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date Confirmed Latest Updates

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date Confirmed Latest Updates: The popularly known Blue Exorcist Anime series is now about to release its season 3. Since the end of season 2 fans are waiting for updates about the Blue Exorcist Season 3. It looks like the A-1 picture has got enough time to make next season and bring it on-air. Internal news stats that director Kouichi Hatsumi has received many let from fans to continue the season 3. We can also conclude that director has put Blue Exorcist in his bucket for next year so that he will be making his time for season 3. It is sure that season 3 of Ao No Exorcist will release in February 2019. Director will be taking almost one year from now for the release date as to bring spicier.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date Confirmed Latest Updates

We had seen an interesting story of Yukio and Rin who are on their fascinating journey.  The season 1 and season 2 of Blue Exorcist has 12 episodes each that made audience interesting to stream them. At the end of Blue Exorcist Season 2 12th episodes it was clearly observed that it is going to continue for one more season. Anime has got 8.2 of 10 rating in IMDB which describe its success in past. Also MyAnimeList has given 7.9 of 10 rating to this with all positive reviews. So I would like to say that Blue Exorcist Season 3 which is going too rereleased in 2019 February will also make same history in future. Let’s hope that our heroes Yukio and Rin will again entertain use with their journey to find criminal.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Plot and Release Date:

It’s now all in the hands of Blue Exorcist director who will decide the future of this anime series. The plot about the edo period regime when Japan was still isolated from whole world. It was ruled by a powerful king who is impure and a powerful demon too. He destroyed the many people and then order of exorcists plunged the demon. Then it was made clear as not to get the last remains of king in bad hands and his left eye was at territory of academy.  This is main basic of Blue Exorcist Anime that made script to have good story.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date Confirmed Latest Updates

Recently a criminal has stolen the last might relic of king and also took a child as hostage. He was traveling to academy and also acquires the eye of demon king. Now Yukio and Rin are on the way to find this mysterious criminal. They were first seen to follow the criminal towards Kyoto and then it was clear that he would follow towards demon left eye. Rin made it clear that he should worked hard to stop the intruder else he might lose faith.

Rin is son of devil who even betrayed him is now thinking in diffenret way expects doing current investigation. He needs to prove himself as an exorcist which even allowed him to feel his burden. As the story has stopped t at his point in season 2, the more is to come. Now it’s all with the director who should design season 3 such that it should leave the craving fans empty handed.

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I would like to console that Blue Exorcist Season 3 release date will be in first week of January. This anime series will make its fans prouder as it has done with its previous release. Now bookmark our page and get the latest updates as still the official announcement for Blue Exorcist season 3 is yet to be made.

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