18if Anime Season 2 Release Date Rumors Trailer

18if Anime Season 2 Release Date Rumors Trailer: Hey guys hope you have heard about 18if anime which is making of multiple director composition. It is because each episode of 18if Anime was directed by different director. Thus collaborating their mindset and making a continuation season was really a heck for 18if cast. The stress and work taken to bring anime on air was haply taken by audience. The result is we are going to get next season from 18if Anime. It is an adaptation of japans anime television series that was popular years ago. We bring you the plot and the detailed news about 18if Season 2 latest information.

18if Anime Season 2 Release Date

Many have question that will there be 18if Season 2? Will all directory makeup for season 2 of 18if? Does the storyline is still there for continuation of 18if? There are many question form all but o answer them the 18if Season 2 is going to come soon. The official announcement is yet to be made but it is quite clear that anime is under preparation. We will get you latest news on 18if and other anime series in this article. Also have a look at story line of 18if Anime, if you have seen this anime before.

18if Anime Season 2 Plot, Description:

Going directly to the story line of anime which is all about the story of Haruto Tsukishiro. Haruto is a high Scholl boy who loves playing games and dreams them true. He always wanted to get his dream true as the world in dream is far better. He was quite great in animation with his intelligence he even got good art work. Now one night with some miracle or an incident he was taken to dream world of his. Besides having his property the dream world was dominated by Strangers and Witches. He was struggling to get out of it as the white witches power held him always down.

18if Anime Season 2 Release Date

Everyone in their were fear of this and in such time he came across Professor Katsumi. He started to plan with professor to outstand the witches and make a way out. He also met Lily who looks to be a mysterious white girl and helped him to successes his plan. So with the help of Katsumi professor and Lily Haruto started to outsmart the witches. So let’s see how will the story of 18if Season 2 will be prepared and does that actually take same flow. It might happen that Haruto will take Lily back with him and he struggles a lot to do so. Everything will be known once the release date of 18if Anime is announced.

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As per current rumors we can predict the on air release date of 18if very soon, as studio look fine and Atsuhior started the composition of series along with Koji as chief supervisor. Mostly end of April the teaser is going to be released which feature Lily and Haruto in diffenret look. Get ready to primer the 18if Season 2 in September 2018.

We will update the same article with updates news on 18if Season 2 and try to not miss any information about anime. Also have a look at other series that are listed in our website.

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